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Bread and Roses Heritage Festival

Bread & Roses 2014!

WHERE: Lawrence, MA, on the Campagnone Common, 200 Common St

WHEN: Labor Day, September 1, 2014, 12 – 6 p.m. 

Contact:   Joshua Alba, Producer     Email: 

Festival Phone:  978-794-1655, www.breadandrosesheritage.orgFind us on Facebook under   "Bread & Roses Heritage Festival"

The 30th annual Bread and Roses Heritage Festival is a celebration of  the ethnic diversity and labor history of Lawrence, Massachusetts. It takes place in honor of the most significant event in Lawrence history: the 1912  Bread and Roses Strike.  


The Festival offers a variety of music and dance performances, poetry and drama, ethnic food, walking and trolley tours, and a section for history and labor organizations.  A newly introduced workshop series is kicking off in partnership with Qniversity, the Merrimack Valley Time Exchange, and the Center for Popular Economics.  Returning for the 8th time is Lawrence History Live, our speakers' tent with presentations on history and current labor and social justice issues.

We also host organizations representing the community and advocating for social justice.  Lots of children's activities in collaboration with the Lawrence High School's Humanitarian Club: pony rides, jugglers, hula hooping, face painting, an obstacle course, bubble blowing, and more.


Bread and Roses is the only broadly multicultural festival in Lawrence, the Immigrant City.  And it is the only festival in the East which celebrates Labor Day, in the most appropriate location, the site of the Bread and Roses Strike.


The festival is a one-day, free, 'open air' celebration for the whole family.  Join us on September 1, 12-6 p.m.!


Our Performers


  • Bread and Puppet Theater, famed activist theater for young and old
  • Hot Like Fire, award-winning, high energy, authentic Reggae from Boston
  • Rebel Diaz, a globe-trotting activist Hip-Hop group from the South Bronx 
  • Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band, internationally-recognized, with passion and contagious energy
  • Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band, Somerville's activist street band
  • Sweet Willie D, a local favorite playing true America blues and soul
  • Branco and Friends   -   Jazz
  • SupNater & Steve Cool, a young Hip-Hop duo from Lawrence
  • Banda Joven, a local band playing Merengue Tipico from the Dominican Republic
  • Wilda Mendez, Latin Rock, singer/songwriter, with Dominican-Caribbean roots
  • Veronica Robles Cultural Center presents dancing traditions and costumes from Latin America
  • O'Shea-Chaplin Academy of Irish Dance—sharing their love for Irish dance and heritage
  • Voci Angelica, with riveting arrangements of songs from every continent



Home Helpers Making Your Life Easier.


Let Home Helpers & Direct Link of Londonderry, New Hampshire Create a Customized Home Care Plan to Fit Your Lifestyle!

Londonderry Elderly Home Care


Live life your way in the comfort of home with Home Helpers of Londonderry! Whether you’re a family caregiver or could benefit from assistance yourself, we can help make your life easier by providing companion care, senior care and respite care, so you or your loved one can enjoy aging in place.

Home Helpers tailors our care plans to meet your specific needs, budget and schedule.  We offer a flexible, affordable continuum of care that adjusts to our clients’ changing needs. Whether you need us for just a few hours a week or 24/7, we’re there with you and for you.  In addition, Home Helpers does not require a deposit in most cases, and we offer a discount to veterans and their spouses.  

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your loved one's unique needs.  President Bonnie Roberts can be reached at (603) 845-3333 or at  With her experience as a Certified Senior Advisor and her extensive business network, Bonnie is happy to help families find the appropriate resources for their situation, both immediate and longer term.


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Hi, Kevin. Here are your Articles for August 7, 2014.


  Individual Solutions for Your Success


IRS Issues Final Regulations on Small Business Health Credit

A tax credit is available to some small businesses for providing health insurance to employees under the federal Affordable Care Act, but there have been problems with the system. As a result, the IRS recently issued final guidelines to help clear up the confusion. Read on for more about the new regulations, which went into effect at the end of June.

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Working Virtually: The New Frontier in ADA Accommodation?

What does it mean to provide "reasonable accommodations" to temporarily or permanently disabled employees so they can do their jobs, without causing "undue burdens" on employers? (This type of accommodation is required by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.) The answer is not static, but evolving. Here's the latest information and some guidelines to consider when an employee asks for a telecommuting arrangement.

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What to Consider Before Jumping on the Hiring Bandwagon

Unemployment has finally fallen to pre-recession levels. About 288,000 new jobs were created in June. But cynics challenge these hopeful statistics. Some states have fared better than others following the recession. This article reveals which labor markets are the hottest (and coldest) -- as well as how to hire new employees with confidence.

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  Timely Opportunities


HSAs Growing; Significant Tax Benefits Available to Top Earners

Health savings accounts have now been in existence for a decade. The pace of HSA formation has been picking up for a variety of reasons, including the potential savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars associated with the three-part tax benefits of HSAs. With all of the Affordable Care Act-related changes in health plans in the works at many organizations, this may be good time to take a fresh look at HSAs.
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  Payroll Issues


Uncashed Payroll Checks: Handle With Care

Laws governing the payment of wages are inflexible. That's why, when the owner of one business didn't cash his paychecks -- possibly as a way to loan money to the company -- trouble developed after he died. Read about the case to see what can happen if wages from your business go unpaid.
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  Employee Ideas & Involvement


Problems? Tap Your Genius

Before you hire pricey consultants, consult your own inner genius. For brainstorming techniques to help you and your employees approach problems from new perspectives, keep reading.
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  HR Tool Kit


Legal, Acceptable Interview Questions

Need a complete guide to job interview questions from age to weight? We have a guide to train everyone who does job interviewing on the questions they can -- and cannot -- ask. Continue reading for a complete list.
Copyright © 2014

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100 Manley Road PO Box 1837 Auburn, ME 04211

Pay Attention to Your Credit Scores

What affects your credit?

Did you know that a large portion of your mortgage approval and mortgage rate are based on your credit scores.  In today’s market, it is now more important than ever to pay attention to your credit scores as well as the balances you keep.fico

Credit scores were developed by Fair Isaac and Company (FICO). The models created using FICO take all the detailed information about your credit report and produce your credit score using different weights and factors contained in the FICO models. The purpose of a FICO score is to show how likely you are to become at least 90 days late in making payments in the next 24 months based on patterns in your credit history, compared with patterns of millions of past customers.

Fair Isaac divides the scoring range into five risk categories

  • 780-850 low risk
  • 740-780 Medium, Low Risk
  • 690-740 Medium Risk
  • 620-690 Medium High Risk
  • 620 and Below, High Risk or “Non-Prime”

Each of the three major credit bureaus uses their own version of the FICO scoring model.

Factors influencing your credit score are:

  • Current or Late payments
  • How late the payments are
  • Number of open accounts you have
  • How much credit you are using in relation to how much credit you have available
  • If there are serious delinquencies on your file like bankruptcy, liens and charge of accounts

Your credit score is a snap shot, in that it is developed at the time of inquiry by a credit grantor pulling your credit file.  Your credit score can change with the passage of time as well as the addition of new information to your credit file.  As delinquency information in your file ages, it’s negative on your credit score lessens.

Credit Scoring is a snapshot, in that it is developed at the time of inquiry by a credit grantor pulling your credit file. Your credit score can change with the passage of time as well as with the addition of new information to your credit file. As delinquency information in your file ages, it’s negative affect on your credit score lessens.

Credit Scoring uses the following five areas of information to calculate thescore:

  • Payment history 35%
  • Amounts owed 30%
  • Length of credit history 15%
  • New credit inquires 10%
  • Type of credit used 10%

It is best to keep balances low on credit cards and other revolving accounts – maintain balances below 50% of the available credit limit. 24% is optimal. The best way to improve your score is to pay down revolving debt.

An inquiry is defines as a request by a lender for a copy of an applications credit report.  Inquiries on a credit report for two years, but credit scores only look at inquiries in the last 12 months.  Your own request for a credit report to review for accuracy is not considered in question manyour credit score.

Apply for new credit accounts only when you need them. Remember that closing accounts does not make them go away. A closed account with a poor payment history may become a more recent account because the date of activity will change.  An open account with a low or zero balance is better than a closed account.


  • Fico scores are used not only for a mortgage and credit cards, but for auto loans, insurance and utilities
  • Credit reports reflect charge offs or collection accounts for up to 7 years and bankruptcies for up to 10 years.
  • You can order a free credit report annually, at no charge, without impacting your credit score
  • Paying off an old collection may result in a drop in your credit score
  • Consolidating credit cards increases your ratio of debt to available credit and lowers your score.
  • Using the maximum amount on a credit line can drop your score by 100 points

For more information about how your Credit can affect your Mortgage Rate, feel free to email me at or call me at 978-273-3227.  My Office is loacated at 19 Main Street, Concord MA, drop in anytime!

Bill Nickerson, NMLS# 4194

Avoid Foreclosure


We specialize in helping homeowners stop foreclosure with a short sale option. We understand that there are many reasons why homeowners sometimes are unable to pay their mortgages and every situation is unique.

At Short Sale Mitigation, LLC we are different. We work ALONG SIDE list agent, and are hired by homeowners. We provide legal representation for all homeowners struggling with a short sale and our primary focus is short sale negotiation. We don't sell property or market property. We mitigate short sales so our primary focus is YOU. We provide step by step direction throughout the process for Realtors and homeowners.

Short sales can be stressful and a time-consuming process. But in many cases they will be necessary in order to get you out from under your mortgage debt, especially with property values declining like they are today. By doing a short sale, you will be able to take a large bite out of the money you owe to your mortgage company, so that you are no longer liable for the entire amount.

In order to start the short sale process, there are several documents that are needed from you (see below). First off is a third party authorization. This form is so that a third party can speak to the bank on your behalf. This will be included with the rest of the short sale package, or it can be sent over ahead of time. In cases where your lender requires your property to be listed in order for them to accept a short sale, then we can refer you to many of our top-producing, local agents that we have worked many successful short sales with.

Typical Short Sale Requirements (to be collected from the homeowner)

  • Hardship letter – which states what happened to cause you to fall behind, when it happened, and what you’re doing to fix the situation
  • Financial worksheet – a breakdown of all your income and expenses
  • Your last month of pay stubs or a recent profit and loss statement if self-employed. If you can’t provide either of those then you’ll need a signed and dated explanation of why.
  • Your last two months of bank statements
  • Your last two years of tax returns (the first two pages only)
  • Purchase and Sales Agreement and a listing agreement

We are happy to speak to you about your home today!!

Nick Aalerud – President, Founder & CEO

Location500 West Cummings Park, Suite 3150, Woburn, MA  01801

Phone:  978-384-0032

Community Outreach Liaison Wanted


Community Outreach Liaison


FLSA Status:






The Community Outreach Liaison reports directly to the community ED.   




The Community Outreach Liaison is responsible for using independent judgment to generate qualified leads and move-ins as a result of a direct external sales effort and co-marketing effort the community team. The Community Outreach Liaison will target referral sources from among the professional medical community, various community associations, and related providers. Responsibilities include positioning Springhouse as a preferred provider and maintaining professional relationships in the community, in addition to developing and implementing sales strategies. 






Responsible for completing expense reports in a timely manner


Account Management


Manages major accounts as identified in the Marketing Action Plan


Manages within the assigned community


Assists in developing, implementing, and maintaining a Quarterly Sales and Marketng Plan for an assigned community in conjunction with other sales associates, Executive Directors,  and Director of Senior Living


Effectively manage lead database through timely follow up with all leads, ensuring good discovery, positive next steps and moving the sale to close.


Assist with managing the website to best promote Springhouse services


Assist with event planning, including development of promotion and marketing collateral

  • Ensures all lead sources are identified in Residex
  • Ensures qualified leads are entered into Residex
  • Timely completion of the Marketing Action Plan and the External Business Development plan which is a component of the Quarterly Sales and Marketing plan.





College degree preferred


Prior experience selling to healthcare accounts is preferred


 A demonstrated track record of successful external business development


Ability to handle multiple priorities


Possess written and verbal skills for effective communication and the ability to facilitate group presentations


Excellent organizational and time management skills


Ability to constantly survey the environment for new or changing business opportunities. Demonstration of proficiency in computer skills, Microsoft Office (Windows, Outlook, Excel) Springhouse applications with the ability to learn new applications


Ability to handle multiple priorities


Possess written and verbal skills for effective communication and the ability to facilitate group presentations




Presents the community in a positive and professional manner


Presents self in a positive and professional manner


Meets  with community team to review sales and marketing activity, quality assurance, and other key marketing issues


Computer Skills



Produces proposals and presentation packets


Maintains sales and marketing database



Organization / Prioritization


Demonstrates effective time management and organization skills and has the ability to multi-task


Problem Solving / Decision Making:


Troubleshoots budget issues, presenting problems or anomalies to the Executive Director and Director of Senior Living to collaborate and resolve issues




Facilitates and provides ongoing product service education as a result of sales effort within the market to professional referral sources.


Coordinates participation  in professional societies and activities related to the health care industry, which will result in qualified leads


 Identifies both new business opportunities and new customer call points within the communities served for additional qualified leads and move-ins


Identifies, targets, and generates consistent and continuous referral stream from qualified referral sources as a result of an effective and systematic external business development yielding both census and revenue growth


Defines, develops key macro referral sources and maintains relationships with key area referral sources within their assigned area that have the ability to refer to multiple communities


Collaborates with Executive Directors, community sales team and Director of Senior Living on improved service delivery and problem resolution.


 Assists the Executive Director and community team in developing and executing effective external business development plans as part of the quarterly sales and marketing plans for the community..


Strives to educate the assigned market about Springhouse’s unique approach to senior living services


Recognizes opportunities to market Springhouse communities and acts upon them as appropriate


Works in partnership with Director of Senior Living to insure new lead generating activity has appropriate marketing support to maximize effectiveness.


Assures that sales goals are consistently met for the assigned plan


Meets or exceeds standards in sales productivity


Standards of Excellence


Models the values at all times


Strong relationship skills


Considered best of the best




Gathers competitive market analysis data and maintains a detailed competitor comparative analysis (including rates, apartment sizes, services, and amenities)


Gathers Residex reports for analysis interpretation and identifies solutions



Vision / Innovation


Analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the community against competitors







3-5 years experience in sales and marketing, preferably in senior housing. 


Must maintain a valid driver’s license.






Computer proficiency with working knowledge of Word, Power Point, Excel software.


Ability to be flexible and work in an environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration.


Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written and the ability to relate in a positive and professional way to a diverse resident and employee population.


Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding residents, employees, staff and the community.


Demonstrated ability to set priorities, complete assignments in a timely manner while managing multiple duties and responsibilities.



Demonstrated ability to be innovative and creative and have patience, high energy and resourcefulness in problem solving.

Networking Success Story - Bill Gilman - Your Tewksbury Today

As a brand new business without a brick and mortar location, the biggest challenge I have is getting the word out about and letting people know who we are and what we do. Friends of Kevin events have been a huge help in jump starting the "word-of-mouth" effort.

We launched our web site two months ago, and we have already landed two advertising contracts as a direct result of Friends of Kevin events.

But for Your Tewksbury Today, it goes beyond building readership and advertising clients. Through Friends of Kevin events, we have made key contacts with other small businesses in the Merrimack Valley and have formed some cost-saving win-win partnerships.
I would recommend and have recommended, membership in Friends of Kevin for any small business in the region, especially start-ups

Don't Forget Your Camera this Summer!

Summer Photography Fun!


Photo Tips and Updates!








You can spend the long days of summer doing many things.  It's the time of year to get outdoors and to have  fun in the sun.  Summer is also a prime season for photography fun.  


When you head out on your vacations and weekend events make sure you include your camera in your plans. 


With extended hours of daylight and warm weather there are excuses for getting out and making some photos. Nature is in full bloom and there is an infinite supply of subjects to capture READ MORE.







For the month of August the photographer challenge for our MEET-UP group is all about including the two themes of SUMMER & COLOR into your image making. This is free to join and is one entirely online.  For info and registration CLICK HERE 


Image Makers Photographic Workshops is a Meet-Up group I organize and it is free to join. It includes links to my workshops and other free photo experiences.  





For more summer photography fun you should consider attending one

of my upcoming photography workshops.


For a fun night out join me on Aug. 20 for our PAINTING WITH LIGHT/LIGHT GRAFFITI WORKSHOP in Nashua, NH.  Break out your flashlights and disco balls for a fun evening of experimental photography.


If your looking to build your portrait photo skills or want a chance to work with models join me for the PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP on Aug. 23 at Benson's Park in Hudson, NH.









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In-Store Assistant Branch Manager




Title:                            In-Store Assistant Branch Manager      Department:     Retail Services

 Reports to:                   In-Store Branch Manager                     Date:                April 2012

Direct Reports:             None


Assists Branch Manager with daily activity in the branch and assumes responsibility for the branch in the absence of the Branch Manager. Assists in training new staff members.



(E)     Essential  or  (M)  Marginal


E          1.         Provides excellent service to members.

E          2.         Assists Branch Manager in the assignment of work to the staff as well as training


                        new staff.

E          3.         Ensure a safe, secure working environment for staff and visiting members.  Ensures branch


                          operational efficiency following established operating/security procedures.

E         4.          Oversee all branch operations including but not limited to order cash for the branch and ship


                          excess coin; ensure Travelers Checks; ATM and Miscellaneous GL’s are in balance according

                          to schedule; BICL duties; Scanning duties; and keys, codes and RBU duties.

E         5.          Assist Branch Manager in developing and maintaining strong relationships with store


                         manager and staff as well as other in-store retailers.

E         6.          Assist Branch Manager in actively marketing WCU by running in-store branch promotions.


E         7.          Lead a sales oriented team to reach established individual and branch sales goals, including


                          loan and deposit growth, product sales and cross sales.  

E          8.         In the absence of the Branch Manager, assumes responsibility for the branch including

                        opening and closing the branch.

E          9.         Performs duties related to consumer loan origination and closing of loans

                        following WCU policies and procedures.

E          10.       Assists members in submitting Mortgage and Home Equity loan applications and Home


                         Equity closings.

E          11.       Opens and services all types of WCU deposit accounts including operation of pod station as           



E          12.       Maintains a working knowledge of WCU products, services, rates, and fees. Maintains

knowledge of competitor rates and products. Cross-sells WCU products based on member needs including Investment and Insurance Center, Insurance Center of New England referrals and loan payment protection


Workers’ Credit Union

Assistant Branch Manager

Page II

E          13.       Determines appropriate actions for member inquiries and problems. Follows through to

                        resolution in a timely manner.

E         14.        Meeting or exceeding goals for branch growth and developing additional business through

                          direct solicitation of potential members in a retail setting.

E         15.        Assist Branch Manager in branch budget process and branch business plans


E          16.       Maintains confidentiality of all member and credit union information and data.


M         17.       May assist the branch manager with interviewing, performance evaluations, and other routine

                        personnel issues.

M        18.        Performs additional duties as requested.



Knowledge/Skills/Experience Requirements:

Two years of banking experience at the level of a WCU Financial Service Rep II; one year of sales experience; two to three years consumer loan underwriting experience with attainment of loan authority (minimum of WCU Level III authority); Mortgage and Home Equity loan origination experience; knowledge of state and federal regulations including those pertaining to IRAs, deposit accounts, consumer and mortgage loans; excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively with members, WCU employees, business associates and the public; strong oral and written communication skills; ability to effectively delegate and monitor staff performance. HS diploma or equivalent required.


Mandated Licensing Requirement:

Must be registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System ("NMLS") and maintain active status and accurate registration information on file. Provides changes to any individual information (such as an address or name change) as they occur directly into the NMLS system or to the HR Department within 20 days of such change. 


Physical Activities/Requirements:

Able to communicate orally with co-workers and members. Able to operate computer keyboard and other office machines  that require finger dexterity and repetitive motion. Visual acuity necessary to prepare/inspect documents. Occasional lifting up to 25 lbs. Sedentary work, sitting most of the time.


Equipment Used:


General office equipment, Miser terminal, Credit report terminal.



Lindsey Morrell 
Employment Specialist, Human Resources

815 Main Street  Fitchburg, MA 01420


Ph: 978-353-7106 • Fax: 978-353-4306 •