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Networking Success Story - Steve Wallace

I learned early on in my career that business is about relationships. But being new to the industry, I didn't know how to cultivate the necessary relationships that would be beneficial in helping me grow my business. Before long, I was being encouraged to attend business networking events, but found that most of the advertised events I went to didn't serve my purposes. What attracted me to Friends of Kevin is actually what makes the group so great; I was referred to Kevin Willett by one of his members, Brian Gardner. Since my initial meeting with Kevin, and after attending his networking events for the past two years, this is what I have learned from my experiences with Friends of Kevin: the people that attend his events and are in his groups are interested in providing competitive value to their customers. I choose to do the same by having a large network of trusted professionals, almost all of which were met through Friends of Kevin. By having experienced professionals in my network, who I now call friends, I become more of a trusted advisor to my clients than an insurance or investment salesman, because they can count on me to refer them to the right people, in addition to everything else I do. I'm able to be that trusted advisor, thanks to networking in Friends of Kevin

Steve Wallace

The Patreon Page is Here

I have done it, taken the leap and created a Patreon page.  I’m a mild mannered illustrator, comic creator.  I am working towards my goal of making comics my main GIG. 

If you would like to help support my comics, you can sign up for a low monthly payment, starting at $1; this will also entitle you to some receive some extras. 

If you’d like to support me, or happen to know someone who would, just point your mouse cursor here.

Andre Mills Owner/illustrator

AKM Graphics LLC

Phone: 978-310-1661





Resume for Keith Beaupre

       Keith Beaupre                                                                                                        

       56 South Prospect Street, Bradford Ma


                   SUMMARY:  Highly motivated, energetic, professional individual experienced in warehousing,                                            inventory and  material control, international and domestic shipping, receiving, purchasing and (Non-CDL) straight                                            truck driver

                                           Capable of working independently or as a team player

                                           Good communication skills and a strong work ethic

                                           Capable of prioritizing, delegating and motivating


                                           Supervisory Skills 

                                           Training Skills

                                           Communication and Organizational Skills

                                           Efficient in MRP/ERP/MRO Systems

                                           Efficient in UPS/FEDEX Shipping Systems

                                           Ability to Control and Track Inventories

                                           OSHA Certified Fork Lift Driver and Trainer

                                           Preparation of Import and Export Document ion

                                           Bill of Lading Preparation


                                    TRAFFIC/LOGISTICS SPECIALIST

        2009- 2013    Cisbio US Inc.   Bedford Ma.

                                           Responsible for all shipping (international and domestic) and receiving functions

                   Developed back-up strategies for distribution to assure on-time product deliveries.

                   Hazardous Material: shipping and receiving–followed DOT and IATA guidelines and SOPs set forth by the Radiation Safety  

                   Officer and state regulations.

                   Responded to all customers (Internal and External) for expediting shipments.  Provided detailed responses and made

                   Recommended on other options to ensure timely delivery.

                       Developed new methods and procedures to meet present and future needs of shipping products and negotiated the best freight    rates             

                       while maintaining appropriate level of service.

                   Made recommendations regarding any CISBIO-US department inquiries regarding delivery/routing issues, rates, and system

                   capabilities for new business or for changes in current business. 

                   Initiated claims on all mishandled shipments.

                   Created PRA’s (Product Return Authorization) for any returned stock items. Followed SOP for processing PRA to return items  into stock.

                   Tracked product shipments to customers to insure on time delivery compliant with customer requirements.

                   Maintained inventory of shipping materials & supplies.


                                        WAREHOUSE MANAGER

          2004-2008     Mydata automation Inc. Rowley Ma.

                                         Manage the entire movement of incoming (returns RMA's and warranty parts)

                                         and out going (spare parts/machines) through the computerized MRP system (MOVEX)

                                         Supervised the international and domestic shipping and receiving departments.

                                         Maintained and controlled all inventories ($4 million) of spare parts.

                                         Ordered and controlled all purchases of shipping and crating supplies and dealt with all

                                         vendor's for competitive bids.

                                         Packed and crated all MYDATA (SMT machines) refurbished and sold through that department.



         2003-2004        ERA, Industries Inc. Portsmouth N.H. (formerly Seabrook N.H.

                                         Managed the movement, procurement and warehousing of all M.R.O. Finished goods and raw            

                                         materials inventories.

                                         Worked as a hands on supervisor, maintaining an environment that continuously improved

                                         efficiency  while reducing waste in all areas related to material management including shipping,

                                         receiving, warehousing,purchasing and planning.



          2001-2003         Herschel Inc. Newburyport, Ma.

                                          Received all incoming UPS,FEDEX and common carrier shipments.

                                          Utilized computer purchasing and inventory systems (Marcola-MRP) to receive all orders

                                          and track inventories.

                                          Delivered all freight to the appropriate department.

                                          Assisted in daily cycle counts.

                                          Managed all returning shipments from customers.

                                          Provided support to all aspects of logistic, production control, manufacturing, machine shop

                                          and wiring departments.




            1998-2001          Burderus Hydronics Systems  Salem N.H.

                                          Received using sit down forklifts, containers of heating boilers and their components.

                                          Kited and prepared shipments, cycle counted inventories and organized the warehouse.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Page 2

Employment continued:




                                                                                      Keith Beaupre

                                                             56 South Prospect Street, Bradford , Ma .01835




                                           PURCHASING COORDINATOR

          1996-1998           Hadco Tech Center East  Ward Hill, Ma.

                                           Contacted vendors to obtain competitive bids.

                                           Placed and expedited purchase orders of raw materials.

                                           Utilized computer purchasing and inventory systems to track all orders and physical inventories.

                                           Identified shortages and potential shortages and checked status of reorders and returns.

                                           Provided technical support to receiving, vendors, carriers, inspectors and production control.



          1996                     Fasfax/Geac Computer Inc.  Salem N.H.

                                            Used computerized receiving systems to receive all in coming non-warranty and warranty

                                            computers for repair or replacement.

                                            Assisted shipper with locating and packing orders,then shipped products via UPS,FEDEX,

                                            and U.S. Mail.


                                           SHIPPING/RECEIVING MANAGER

          1993-1996            Hyman's Pennyworth's  Newburyport Ma.

                                            Received all incoming freight.

                                            Kept records and distributed merchandise to different departments.

                                            Handled all worn and damaged RMA's for all five retail stores.

                                            Shipped all special orders via UPS and Fedex.



          1992-1993             Customized Transportation, Inc.  Kingston N.H.

                                             Confirmed and unloaded all inbound trailers with (Sears) Kenmore,GE and Amana

                                             appliances (dishwashers,dryers,cook tops,garden tractors,etc...

                                             Operated LP gas powered clamp, razorback and order picker fork lifts.



                                           SHIPPER/RECEIVER-MACHINE OPERATOR

          1979-1992              Foss Manufacturing Company Inc.  Ward Hill MA.

                                              Operation of manufacturing   machines to make non-woven cloth materials.

                                              Warehouse  work and shipping/receiving.

                                              Operation of LP and electric fork lifts.








                                             Pentucket Jr.  Regional High School (Graduated)

                                             Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School (Graduated)




                                              OSHA “Train the Trainer” fork lift certified

                                              Red/Cross certified CNA/CPR




                                  Mr. David Narvaro            FedEx Trade Networks (617) 568-7167   Title: Accounts Manager


                                  Mrs Cheryl Sullivan          Cisbio US Inc. (781) 687-1417                 Title:  Customer Service Specialist



                                  Mr. Jesse Lelierve -        (978) 870- 2219 - Years known   (19)


                                  Ms. Kate Nornandin -     (617) 694-7116 - Years known   (14)



                           Mr. David Philips -      (978) 314-5170-Years known (7)

DifferenceMaker Season Kickoff Event on Oct 9th


It's time to Aerate and Hydroseed!

It's time to Aerate & Hydroseed

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Contact us:
(978) 957-8873
24 Hour Call Line is Open for the Season.




Tips from Chris-
September is the time for Aeration!! After your aeration is done, you may want to overseed. Click here for a PDF download that explains how to properly overseed your lawn.



Call now to book your aeration for September
We recommend you aerate every year
Average lawns are $100- $150



MA: (978) 957-TURF

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Photo Tips from Dan Splaine Photography



Taking it to the Street!


Photo Tips and Updates!





STREET PHOTOGRAPHY- Capturing poignant moments


Historically, as cameras became more portable we gained more ability to capture the spontaneous.  Large view cameras, limited to studio settings gave way to hand held roll film gear and the genre of "street photography " emerged.

From the early work of Eugene Atget (who captured the streets of Paris from the 1890's to the 1920's) to Robert Frank, this type of image making has always been source of inspiration for me. In my humble opinion Street Photography is a topic that deserves not only a level of reverence, it also merits some dedicated learning and practice. 


In my latest blog post I have some observations on the form and the differences between Street Photography and Documentary photography.






WE ARE GOING TO NEW YORK CITY -  Street Photo Workshop Oct. 25, 2014


Speaking of Street Photography- Join us on 10/25 for a day in NYC.  We have put a tour package together with NH TOURS that feature some great locations and a chance to hone your street photo skills.


One of the locations on our tour may be unfamiliar, but an ideal location for capturing city scenes.  We will spend part of our day  on the HIGH LINE which is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan's West Side. 


For complete details and registration go to the tour webpage



This is a view of the HIGH LINE which is a park that is a couple of stories above the streets of Manhattan.  Not only is it ideal for people watching it provides an very unique perspective on the streets below. This is just one of the stops on our day in NYC where we will be working on out=r street photo skills.




On Oct. 1, I have scheduled a social event for the members of the IMAGE MAKERS MEET-UP GROUP.  Join me for the PHOTOGRAPHERS NIGHT OUT at the Arena Sports Club in Nashua, NH.


This is a chance to hang out with our photo friends and enjoy an evening out. For details and registration go to the MEET-UP event page 








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Testimonial for Back to Health Muscular Therapy

Back to Health

Before I started seeing Patti at Back To Health, I was miserable. I'm not over exaggerating either. I had been struggling with TMJ for probably about a year and I had been to the oral surgeons. They all told me the same thing, "stay on a soft food diet." I tried that, but my TMJ wasn't getting any better, and to be honest, I was missing being able to eat steak. My TMJ was awful, it was to the point where I couldn't open my mouth wider than a quarter. Needless to say, trips to the dentist were miserable. My jaw was constantly clicking, and it was extremely painful for me to try to open my mouth. I began seeing a chiropractor, which helped a little bit at first, but he could only go as far as my neck, and the big problem area was obviously, my jaw. So he recommended that I make an appointment at Back To Health with Patti, because she could actually work on my jaw. So that's what I did, and I am so so very happy I did, because Patti changed everything for me. Not only is she kind and a great person to talk to, but she really knows what she's doing. It took some time for my jaw to start getting better, and there were some days when I felt like it never would. But Patti didn't give up, and she always told me not to either. And she was right. Gradually, my jaw started to respond to the muscular therapy Patti was giving me. It was great! I could eat some what solid foods again! Although I wasn't up for steak just yet, I could open my jaw wider, with much less pain. I always looked forward to my appointments with Patti because every time I left, I felt so much better. That and I enjoyed talking with her for the half hour we had! Thanks to Patti, my jaw freed up and has been great ever since. I am very happy to say I can once again eat whatever I want, including steak. So, if you're struggling with TMJ like I was, there is hope! Please make an appointment with Patti, she will fix you, I promise. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I never went to see her. She fixed my TMJ and I'm completely positive that she'll be able to fix yours too! 


Sara Gonsalves




Grand Opening of Doug Carlson’s New Office for HealthMarkets Insurance Agency


Grand Opening of Doug Carlson’s New Office
for HealthMarkets Insurance AgencySM


SALEM, NH – SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 – Doug Carlson, a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, is proud to announce his new independent sales office, located at 294 North Broadway, Salem, NH.

Doug stated, “I am excited to provide a new way to meet with my clients and serve the needs of our community. I now have the ability to meet with clients in the way that works best for them – either in their home, on the phone or in my office. Getting help and answers to your questions about insurance has never been easier.”

Doug has been with HealthMarkets for approximately 12 years. He and his family live in North Reading, MA and he serves people in both the New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine markets.

Doug’s office is open M–F 9 AM–5 PM and by appointments. As a licensed agent with HealthMarkets, Doug specializes in meeting the Life, Health, Medicare, Long-term care and Retirement insurance needs of small businesses, individual and families through a portfolio of products from more than 140 recognized and trusted insurance companies to give customers the quality, affordable insurance they're looking for at the price that best fits their needs and budget.

Doug Carlson can be reached at (781) 587-1000 and his email address is You can also now visit Doug at his office at 294 North Broadway, Salem, NH.

About HealthMarkets Insurance AgencySM

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is the d/b/a or assumed name of Insphere Insurance Solutions, Inc. which is licensed as an insurance agency in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The agency specializes in meeting the life, health, Medicare, long-term care and retirement insurance needs of small business and middle-income individual and families through its portfolio of products from nationally recognized insurance carriers. HealthMarkets has approximately 3,000 agents nationwide. For more information about HealthMarkets Insurance Agency visit



This news release may include forward-looking statements relating to HealthMarkets Insurance Agency (“HealthMarkets”) that are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions.  Actual results may vary materially.  Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made, and we do not undertake any obligation to update them to reflect changes that occur after that date.  Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include, but are not limited to, HealthMarkets’ ability to maintain applicable licenses, HealthMarkets’ ability to enter into and maintain satisfactory relationships with insurance carriers and agents and the implementation of various information technology and administrative systems, platforms and processes necessary to successfully run the business. Like any business, the progress and success of Insphere entails substantial uncertainty.

Resume for Daniel Labbe

Daniel Martin Labbe

15 Birch St

Hudson, NH 03051

Cell (603) 897-9509



Keene State College 2009-2014


Keene State College Keene, NH, Class of 2014 (B.S.)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (May 2014)


Course Work Design: Intro to Architectural Design, Architectural Design I, Architectural CAD I, Sketch-Up, 3-D Design, Architectural History I Architectural History II, Drawing and Model Making, Collaborative Architecture Project, Senior Design Project.

Course Work Building Science: Safety Awareness, Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, Construction Management, Sustainable Design and Building Science, Architectural Systems, Solar Design II, Building Performance Institute (BPI) training.



Alvirne High School 2004-2008

Course Work: Drafting I, Drafting II, Digital Electronics, Welding I, Welding II.

Athletic Participation: Ski Club (freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior years.)


Experience   2007-present

JDSCC Inc. Pelham, NH September 2013-2014

Security Systems Installations and high tech wiring assemblies, Smoke detector and CO detector installations, Video and Audio Installations.

Proficient with MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

New Hampshire State Tolls. Hooksett, NH May 2013-August 2013

Highway Toll Attendant, Customer Service and efficiency.

Chilis Bar and Grill Keene, NH October 2009-December 2012

Fully trained line cook, Busser, and Dishwasher.

R.C. Welding LLC. Hudson, NH September 2007- August 2009

M.I.G. welding, Arc Welding, Various metal fabrications and installations.


Personal Activities/Hobbies

Attended North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) conference March 4th 2014 to network with industry professionals


Snowboarding, Hiking, Golfing, and Woodworking,