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October Newsletter from Fleischer Law Solutions, PLLC


Hello Robin,


Experiencing a divorce within a family can be stressful and painful. Winter holidays can certainly heighten these feelings. But, with a little bit of compassion, an open mind and some deep breaths, everyone can celebrate together.


Below please find some ideas intended to help families cope and maintain harmony and happiness during this time.


Warm Regards,

Robin Fleischer Esq.

Fleischer Law Solutions, PLLC



Harmonious Holidays


1. Remember it is all about your children, not you or your former spouse. Try to keep the bad feelings at bay. Model for your children the spirit of the season by giving yourself permission to stop being angry.


2.  Follow your parenting plan. If you are still negotiating your divorce, talk with your spouse in advance on how you both will handle the holidays. For example, it is most common for parents to alternate the holidays each year. If you have good communication with your ex-spouse, certain holidays can be shared. One parent may spend the first half of the day with the children and the other parent finishes the day. Children of Interfaith marriages often spend specific religious holiday with the appropriate parent.


3. If your relationship allows it, consider continuing spending the holidays together. This will reinforce with your children that you are still a family, although living apart.


4. Create new traditions with your children instead of mourning the past. Perhaps this is the year you take your children on a trip during the Thanksgiving vacation, or book a reservation in a restaurant for the meal.  


5. Be creative and flexible. For example, on Halloween, one parent can take the children trick-or-treating, while the other parent accompanies them to a town or school celebration.


Please read here for the complete list!


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Attorney Fleischer earned a BA in Education from Framingham State University in 1981. She graduated the Massachusetts School of Law in 2012 and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar the same year. She has worked in the legal industry for over twenty years, first as a paralegal in her father’s law practice and now as a solo practitioner in her own law firm.

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