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Networking Success Story: Lyndie Shaw - Shaw Farm

Hi my name is Lyndie Shaw and I am an introvert who dislikes the thought of networking. When Kevin first approached me about hosting networking events at the Farm my first thought was oh my God he will expect me to speak to the group and there is no way I can do public speaking. Now I realize, like all business owners, that networking is the key to growing my business. Still, I didn’t know how to get past my fears to learn how to network.

Now as most of you know Kevin is a pretty persuasive guy so he just chuckled and said you will be fine, my friends will love the farm, it’s a great way to spread the word about the farm and home delivery. How could I argue with his logic? He was right it would be good for my business.

Now I have to admit the first event was a little rough and I hid behind the counter as best I could. There was no way Kevin and his friends would let me stay there. They kept coming over and introducing themselves to me and telling me how great the farm is. That really made me feel great and allowed me to start talking with them and it was then that I realized ‘hey I am networking I can do this’.

We have done a few events together so far and each time I find it a little easier to come out from behind the counter. So my networking tip is please don’t let being an introvert stop you from becoming a successful business owner. It is easy to say I am an introvert and networking is too hard for me, but I have found that is gets easier each time I do it.

For more information about Shaw Farm please visit them at 204 New Boston Road in Dracut Ma or check out their website at