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CTI's Summer Financial Literacy Institute for High School Students

Summer Financial Literacy Institute for High School Students

The Summer Financial Literacy Institute teaches real-world personal finance skills to local high school students. Students will learn how to budget, handle credit cards, how to set financial goals, and how to create an action plan to achieve their financial goals.

Students also learn how personal choices determine their roles as participants in the greater economy, and how the greater economy influences the decisions they make. This applied knowledge will give them the knowledge and confidence to successfully navigate the major financial decisions to come.


Students will meet for three days and cover the following topics:


Day 1: Money and Debt Management

• Track daily spending habits.

• Understand credit reports.

• Identify ways to decrease spending.

• Credit cards & loans.

• Identify possible ways to increase income.

• Identify helpful budgeting tools.

• Managing bills

• Creating a plan to achieve financial goals

Day 2: Consumer Economics

Students will learn to make informed decisions as they explore the opportunity cost associated with each consumer choice.


Day 3: Reality Fair

The Reality Fair will be an interactive activity where students have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they gained during the past two days by making the best money decisions for themselves based on their predetermined career and salary.


Dates: July 17-19, 2013                             Time: 9:00am-12:00pm


Location: Community Teamwork Inc.

                 155 Merrimack Street

                Lowell, MA 01852

 For More Information or to regsiter, please call Gladys at (978) 654-5673 or go onto