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cold calling

Friends of Kevin Sales Tip from Dennis Sweeney - First Access Technologies

I created this tip to break down barriers for cold calling potential clients. I do this on site at the client. 

The entry door states "No soliciting". I dress like an average person. No suit, no clunky papers and junk. I tell the receptionist my name and ask for his/hers. I simply state that I would like to write a letter to the person in charge of "xyz". I make sure I get spelling correct. If possible I take one of their business cards. Then I tell the receptionist more details about who I am and focus on him/her. If I see a picture of a child on her/his desk. I mention how beautiful their son looks and that I have a son too. All I try to do is make a "connection". If no picture available. I ask how they drink their coffee. 

I return to my office and write a quick note to the decision maker and place it in the mail. Hand write the address and your return address. Use a non tradtional postage stamp (National Parks or something nice) I follow up with a call.  I make the call at 4:30PM to 5:30PM. In most cases the receptionist is gone. On occasion, the decision maker answers the phone. I talk about the letter and give them just 30 seconds to state the elevator speech and try to get an appointment. Get their e-mail and use to confirm appt.   

If receptionist answers and you want to get past this roadblock, talk about the coffee, her/his son or their pet.  Again make the connection. Ask her/him when is the best time to reach the decision maker. If it is not right then and there, call back when the time is right. Let the roadblock be a friend. Make the common connection and don't forget to bring in their favorite coffee when you visit for the new appointment!