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AARE Monthly Newsletter - Catching a Last Minute Rehab Problem... Don't Let it Happen to You!




AARE Monthly | May 2013    




Hi Kevin,


In this issue, read about the surprising rehab problem our professional designer helped us avoid and the key networking tactics you could be lacking.


Also, last month, we launched our Worcester Black Diamond meeting and saw a great turnout of over 100 attendees. We love all the open space at the Fiddler's Green, providing room for so many more new faces!



Happy Investing,

Julia & Nick


In this Issue:





Calling in a Pro to Kick it up a Notch


Not Your Average Rehab

Our recent acquisition is up in North Hampton, NH – 4,000 sqft overlooking 13 acres and ocean views. Being a coveted coastal town in New Hampshire, this house is surrounded by million dollar listings. As you know, with that higher AVR comes increased expectations and even different design preferences.


North Hampton Houses


Don’t reinvent the wheel—Modify it

When it comes to our mid-grade rehab projects, we stick to our standards, defaulting to whatever is most simple, commonly-liked, and cost-effective. Finish standards derive from trying things out in one project, getting feedback from agents and buyers, and tweaking it until it is right. The same principle applies to higher-end projects. Our job is to modify the systems we have to fit this type of property and its buyers, while still being realistic about the cost/benefit of upgrades. This North Hampton project will establish our standard finishes for similar properties going forward.


One of these finish standards is wall color. Normally, all the walls in the entire house get painted one neutral color, because the cost goes up with each additional color. However, with 4,000 sqft, that can end up looking redundant and just plain boring. Tossing in a couple different accent colors is worth it in higher-end houses. Instead of trying to guess or scour through online articles about “Best Colors for XYZ,” we opted to cut down on the guessing, testing, and feedback gathering by getting an expert opinion.

Time for a Pro

To maximize the benefits of using different colors, we called in Designer and Stager, Julie Chrissis, out of Manchester, NH for a “color consultation.” Being a stager, she understands the investor’s goal of creating a homey feel, while still appealing to as many people as possible. Also, her experience in designing for high-end clients in Greater Boston up to the Lakes Region of NH gives her more frequent insight into what the buyers in this price-point usually request, like, dislike, etc. Possible rooms include the dining room, master bedroom, and bathrooms.

Solving a Problem before it Becomes One

While she was walking through the house, she noticed an issue we hadn’t thought about yet. Vaulted ceilings. The Great Room as well as the Master Bedroom have these wonderfully high ceilings, but it’s not clear where the wall should end and the ceiling should begin. This is something we would not have noticed until project completion when we’d be asking ourselves, “Why does that look funny?”



Look at the shape of the room. No matter where the white ceiling starts, it will look choppy—defeating the whole purpose of a grand space. So, Julie suggested painting walls and ceiling all one muted color, creating a clean and finished space. See the pictures in her blog post to get the idea.


Where’s the Value-Add?

Painting cathedral ceilings won’t add to our resale price. It only optimizes the existing selling feature, while hopefully minimizing Days on Market. (Fewer Days on Market = lower holding costs = increased profit margin)


Instead of guessing what buyers want, we went straight to someone who hears it all. By using an expert, not only do we have an updated color scheme for high-end projects, it turns out we minimized an issue that would have otherwise detracted from the house’s appeal.


Contact Julie at Chrissis & Company Interiors




Networking Necessities

You already know networking can be highly beneficial to your business; we don’t have to tell you that.

But we can offer a first-hand example of this – most of the people we work with at AARE were originally connections we made at REIA events. So, it’s surprising that people don’t always jump at the opportunity to attend a networking event, when it can be a huge business-boosting tactic. Instead, networking is sometimes dreaded because of the chance it can feel awkward, frustrating, and ambiguous. We get it; you’re not crazy about the risk of possible social torture. But there are plenty of approaches to make networking the exact opposite of that. Here are a few ways to ensure an easy and rewarding networking experience.


Tips-for-Networking-Events cropped

Find out about their Personality, Not Just Their Job Description

Don’t get hung up on only learning about the other person’s profession and what they can offer. Just because you are technically there “on business,” doesn’t mean you can’t veer from career topics of conversation.

  • Find out about the person’s hobbies, history, and family members. Learning that Jay the wholesaler has two sons and likes to play golf will make you appear genuinely interested in building a relationship with him, rather than merely seeming interested in what he can offer professionally.
  • Your follow up will sound more thoughtful and therefore get more notice. You’ll be able to ask a specific personal question about how Jay’s son is doing at x school or with x sport rather than just generically asking how his family is.

Be Mindful of Your Body Language

Being nervous is perfectly okay. But letting others see this nervousness is when it becomes a problem. Moreover, you could be presenting negative body language without even realizing it.

  • Just smiling and having a look of interest on your face is not the only thing to consider. Princeton University researchers found in a recent study that body language likely has a higher impact than facial expression in how one is portrayed.
  • Crossing your arms gives a negative cue to others because it portrays tenseness and restriction.
  • Turning your body away from your potential connection can give him the feeling that you aren’t fully interested in what he’s saying and are looking to leave the conversation. But if you are in a small group and want to ensure others can easily join the conversation, standing at a slight angle to your companion can be beneficial in leaving more open space for others.
  • A strong handshake with direct eye contact immediately establishes confidence

Carry a Pen and Those Business Cards Help Too…

If you are like most normal humans, your brain can only remember so much. So why risk forgetting that vital company name or website that so interested you?

  • Writing down others’ suggestions, will not only help you remember what to look up later. It will also show new acquaintances you’re not just all talk and actually plan to use their advice.
  • You’ll look prepared and organized. Instead of simply referencing that recommended program for email marketing, take out your business card and write down the name of it while you’re talking to the new colleague. It will show them that you’re genuinely interested in helping and will give them a way to remember you.
  • Your follow up process will be ten times easier. After chatting with someone, write down something unique about them on their business card. Later on, when you’re going through a huge pile of cards, you’ll be able to put a face to each name.


Click here to read more......





The Perfect Networking Opportunity:

Start practicing these approaches at the Black Diamond “Networking After Hours” event in Worcester on May 21st, at the Fiddler's Green.








We Negotiate Your Short Sales at NO COST to Agents or Homeowners!

SSM one of the best investor-friendly and savvy short sale negotiation companies in the country. That’s right. Our performance speaks for itself, and real estate agents & investors alike hire us to negotiate for them. We take all the work out of the process.

 Office: 978-384-0032
Fax: 603-974-5050

E-mail Us








AARE Partner's mission is to provide our investors with solid private lending opportunities and equity partnerships in real estate, resulting in returns that far exceed the traditional markets.
AARE Mentor's mission is to provide our students with solid and tested information, strategies,& win-win partnerships, that allow them to TAKE ACTION and succeed in today's real estate market.

Utec is hiring


Utec Logo 1

Job Openings Banner

May 2013  

Dear Kevin, 

UTEC is growing and we need your help!  We have job openings in several departments, awaiting the perfect candidates. Visit our website for the full listing and check out our Facebook page for the latest updates. Please forward this message to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you for your continued support!

We are always interested in hearing from you - even if the type of position you're looking for is not currently listed. Please just send us a note (including resume) to [email protected].




Senior Director of Programs


The Senior Director of Programs provides strategic leadership by supervising all direct service programs for UTEC's proven-risk youth population. S/he is responsible for driving UTEC forward as an innovative outcomes-focused agency. The Senior Director of Programs supervises department heads in all program areas and an evaluation staff. The Senior Director is actively responsible for maintaining and further strengthening UTEC's high expectations around intentional culture-building.




Manager of Food Services Business Development


UTEC's food services program, FRESH Roots, has been in existence for 5 years and is now at the threshold of significant growth and expansion.  If you're ready to have a job that combines your culinary expertise, management experience, social justice values, and creative entrepreneurial spirit -- all within an innovative youth organization, look no further!  




Director of Evaluation


UTEC is looking for a committed professional dedicated to organizational learning and growth. This person will be responsible for the continued development of UTEC's evaluation processes. The Director will assume full responsibility to ensure that a consistent culture of reflection and learning exists throughout the agency. 




Director of Finance


UTEC's Director of Finance will provide leadership to the overall management of UTEC's financial operations. The Director will be expected to provide big picture oversight and vision for UTEC's financial management procedures and systems. He/she will also be involved in providing assistance and recommendations to the financial development of UTEC's social enterprises. 




IT Coordinator


We are looking for an experienced and energetic IT professional with a desire to work in a youth focused organization. The IT Coordinator will report to the Operations Manager and work closely with senior staff to meet the needs of each program. This position is ideal for an individual who is motivated by challenge and learning opportunities and has the desire to provide unmatched customer service. 






A Streetworker's mission has two overall objectives: to develop a peacemaking process between those youth that are most often involved in street violence; and secondly, to connect those young people most overlooked to the services they may be in need of. 




AmeriCorps Youth Empowerment Corps Members


We're seeking passionate, outgoing, and dedicated people who enjoy working with youth. Candidates should be able to commit to 47 weeks of service, from August 2013 to July 2014. Are you up for the challenge? It's your world, your chance to make it better!

Become a part of the UTEC Team!





Support UTEC!







"Right now everything is great, and it's all thanks to UTEC!"


Thanks for your support of youth in our community like Sarin, who recently graduated from our Workforce Development program. Congratulations, Sarin! 







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Free Seminar - Strategic Productivity and Time Management for the Small Business Owner


Strategic Productivity and Time Management for the Small Business Owner

Walter Wise, President and CEO of The BPI Strategy Group, a New England based business development and management consulting firm, will present on methods and practices that will assist small business owners to more effectively plan, and manage their businesses and their time.

Topics will include:

  • How to implement two-minute weekly reports for all direct reports that will increase organizational performance
  • How to take action steps designed to manage the organization’s strategic productivity, increase income and reduce owner work hours
  • Tips for building a scalable business that can manage itself or that can be sold profitably

Peter Dunn, a McLane lawyer with fifteen years of experience working with closely-held businesses, will present on related legal topics such as the need for non-competition and non-solicitation agreements with key employees, sales compensation plans, shareholder agreements and exit planning.


BPI Strategy Group

[email protected]

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Registration, Breakfast, and Networking: 7:30 a.m.

Program: 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Call 617-532-0918 or email [email protected] for more informatiopn or to register. 

Please provide your name, company, phone number and email address when registering.



McLane Law
300 TradeCenter 
Suite 7600
Woburn, MA 01801

(for GPS purposes only, use 100 Sylvan Road)











Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C May Newsletter

MAY, 2013




Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and A/C 


Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C




April is here and this means that Spring is upon us! It is that time of year again to start doing some Spring Cleaning!


Take a look at our  A/C installation topic. Then give us a call or simply reply to our newsletter to schedule your cleaning,repairs or a/c install quote. Ask about our coupon for A/C whole house install this month.



Fun fact: 

The average human body releases enough heat in 30 min to boil a half- gallon of water.


We would like to start off this newsletter by sharing a wonderful thank you we received from Volunteers and Families in Transition VISTA Program that the BNI Wolf Pack participated in. We are extremely happy that we were able to be a part of this!




Featured In the Newsletter:







  Energy Star qualified central air conditioners provide a greater SEER rating

    which offers up to 15% more efficiency than other conventional models.



Central air conditioners come as a packaged unit or a split system unit. A packaged unit houses the evaporator coil, condenser and compressor in one container. You will see a package unit outside the structure on rooftops or concrete slabs. Air supply and return ducts come from indoors through an exterior wall or the roof connecting to the unit. This unit often is used in small commercial buildings and some homes. 


A split system unit teams up with a furnace adding one more component known as an air handler. The housing is constructed with the outside container holding the condenser and compressor, while one indoor container holds the evaporator coil. The air handler, in most cases is part of the furnace or heat pump, which transports the cool air through the duct system. 


Heating and cooling systems are balanced through the duct systems. Closing/covering vents disrupts the balance. This can build up pressure causing leakage thereby, reducing the amount of air circulating and could reduce the systems efficiency and comfort. 


Standard efficiency ratings allow you to compare the performance of different systems.  Furnaces use AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).  A central air conditioning systems efficiency measurement is referred to as SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).  SEER considers the average energy used at various temperatures and humidity levels to determine a systems rating.  Heat pump units use SEER for cooling and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) for heating.


Paradigm's experience and licensed team can help you determined the unit that efficiently utilized your energy consumption. When retrofitting your home with air conditioning consider the air conditioner and furnace matched system, the heat pump and furnace matched system or the air conditioner and air handler matched system.   




wordfromcustomersAre You Entitled to a Rebate?



ENERGY STAR is providing a program for mail-in rebates for the purchase and installation of high efficiency ENERGY STAR residential heating, cooling and water heating equipment when replacing existing equipment or for new construction.


To find out more about this rebate, click HERE!




Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and A/C

How Are We Doing?

Let us know what you think about the newsletter! Is there anything you would like us to add? We would love to hear from you. You can give us a call or email us!


Check It Out!

Home Cooling System Design Issues

Home Cooling System Design Issues

Check out a funny and entertaining video on how a heatng and cooling system design works.




CongratstowinnerCongrats To April's Winner!

A big congratulations to Shawn Goldthwaite for winning a gift certificate from our social media contest last month! Make sure to be social with us and be a part of our social media contests for a chance to win!


* Winners cannot be repeated within a one year period.




Cinco de Mayo Celebration

MB Padfield is the runner up for Best Local Solo Performer! She will be performing at the Cinco de Mayo Celebration for Families In Transition.


When: May 2nd at 5:30 PM 


           Tickets call 641-9441 ext 242



onefundboston1One Fund Boston



Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many victims of the horrific Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath. We are grateful beyond words to all the first responders and law enforcement officials and agencies involved in the investigation.


If you would like to donate, please visit






2012 Business Leader of the Year Award


Steve Labbe presented Jack Solloway, founder/owner of Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services, his award for Business Leader winner for 2012! Congratulations Jack, Paradigm is extremely proud of you!




angieslistAngie's List Super Service Award!

Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C has been awarded the Super Service Award by Angie's List!


This exclusive recognition is given annually to approximately the top 5 percent of service companies who achieved and maintained a superior service rating on Angie's List through out the past year. 


We would like to thank everyone who reviewed our company allowing us the opportunity to receive this award!







Yes you heard us right. You can now Skype us when you need assistance!










(T) 603-641-6400

(F) 603-641-6405

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Networking Success Story - Scott Boyages from Scott Boyages Promotions

I have operated my business for over 20 years and the one major regret I have is that I didn’t grasp the importance of networking a lot sooner than I did.  Networking can not only help you get more business.  It can help you find a job, find the best doctor in town, get tickets to a sold out show or maybe head off a major problem before it becomes a problem.  Networking can open doors that otherwise would be completely closed to you.  Ever hear of the saying it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?  Obviously if you plan on being successful you have to know your profession, but I don’t think you can succeed in business without having a strong network of friends, clients, prospects, family, vendors, acquaintances, etc.  Look at any field.  Your most successful people have the strongest personal networks.


Of course, in my case, the light didn’t go on immediately. I initially built a fairly strong business just by sheer hustle and ‘making the calls’.  But it wasn’t easy and it took longer than I wanted it to.  And then the economic collapse of 2008 happened and I was faced with having to do a major rebuild of my customer base if I planned on continuing in the promotional products business going forward.  Believe it or not, it was a book by Harvey McKay – Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty: The Only Networking Book You'll Ever Need that made me realize I was missing the boat on this little secret that top producers in any field know is one of the fundamentals of success.  I would strongly recommend this book to anyone in business.  It’ll be the best $12 you’ll ever spend.


Ever since the day I first opened that book, I’ve dedicated myself to growing my own personal network.  When you buy into this, not only do you meet lots of cool and interesting people – you find out that it’s fun.  And yes it opens doors.  However a key point to keep in mind is that to really grow a network you have to give before you can receive.  None of us can do business with everyone we meet.  But maybe we can offer a lead or give a referral.  Or maybe mention a tool that helped improve our own business, give a tip on a great restaurant or just be friendly at a networking event with lots of strangers present.  I love when Kevin Willett does one of his How Can I Help You Today? posts on Facebook.  To me, that’s what networking is about in a nutshell.   Of course when I meet you I also want you to know that I’m in the business of ‘Branding via Promotional Products’.  I want you to remember me when  that guy you met at the golf tournament says he wants to get some embroidered shirts like the cool one they handed out to everyone.


Networking certainly isn’t easy.  You have to commit to it, keep at it and resist the temptation to stay home instead of heading out for a 6:00 PM networking event on a cold night in January.  But what I can tell you is it works…and has been a key ingredient in the business success I’ve had the past few years. 

Earth Day, Comcast Cares Day Event Details from Groundwork Lawrence



Join Us On-line


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Upcoming Events 


Earth Day, Comcast Cares Day 

April 27, 2013


Learn more>>


Root Cause Social Innovation Forum Showcase

May 9, 2013 in Boston


Learn more>>


Spicket River Greenway Ribbon Cutting 

Monday June 3, 2013 10 am


Kite Festival

Saturday June 8, 2013


Learn more>>




Groundwork Lawrence
is Hiring!

Education Program Coordinator

Learn more>>




Farmer Dave's CSA 2013 Registration still open!

During sign-up please consider donating to GWL's Share-A-Share™ Program


Sign up for the CSA>> 

Donate to Share-a-Share>>






April 2013 E-update 




Earth Day, Comcast Cares Day 

Event Details

It's supposed to be a lovely spring day on Saturday-- a perfect day to help clean and beautify the city of Lawrence  in celebration of Groundwork Lawrence's Earth Day, Comcast Cares Day. 


For those of you planning on attending, here are the event details:


When: Saturday April 27 8-1


Where: Campagnone Common in Lawrence for beginning and end of day, other sites


What: The day will begin at Campagnone Common for registration, breakfast, site assignment and brief welcome remarks. Volunteers will then take a bus, walk  or drive to their sites for cleaning and beautification projects. Lunch celebration will begin at noon back at Campagnone Common. 


What to Wear: Work pants, light jacket, closed toe shoes. We will provide event t-shirts and work gloves


What to Bring: Water, sunscreen, hat, filled out volunteer waiver (you may also fill one out the day of the event)


Click here for a waiver  in English >>

Click here for a waiver in Spanish >>


Where to Park 

Free street parking is available:

Common Street (Lawrence St. to Jackson St.)

Jackson Street (Haverhill St. to Common St.)

Haverhill Street (Jackson St. to Lawrence St.)  


Free parking in lots is available:

Senior Center (155 Haverhill St.) 

Episcopal Church (35 Jackson St., lot on Common St.)

Lot next to City Hall (Common St.)

Lot next to Court House (Common St.)

Lot on Essex St. behind Court House 


Questions: Please contact  Rosa at 978-974-0770 x 7001 or Amanda at 978-974-0770 x7007 with any questions.


See you Saturday!


GWL Team


GWL Logo

Groundwork Lawrence
60 Island Street, 3rd Floor
Lawrence, MA 01841
T: 978.874.0770
F: 978. 974.0882 


This Week: Apply for High Growth/Tech Pitch Contest & Attend the Catalyst Showcase!



2013 Catalyst Showcase

Attend this Wednesday Evening!


Don't miss the chance to see over 100 student and youth entrepreneurs showcase their food, fashion, education, and tech ideas at the 2013 Catalyst Showcase!


All year long, these students have worked on developing their entrepreneurial ideas and would gain significantly from your feedback and advice. 


We hope to see you Wednesday evening in Lawrence!


Click here to RSVP!


High Growth/Tech Pitch Contest

Apply by Thursday @ Midnight!


Do you have a business or non-profit idea that has the potential to get BIG on a national or international level?


Maybe the next BIG social media platform or a new technology that can impact millions.


Apply to our High Growth/Tech Pitch Contest for thousands of dollars in cash prizes & feedback from industry pros!



Click here to apply!



Apply for the Sandbox Summer Accelerator




Calling all entrepreneurs! This summer, the Sandbox will be launching our new Accelerator Program for early-stage entrepreneurs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to:

  • Network with investors/industry experts/successful entrepreneurs
  • Work with personal Mentors 
  • Have 24/7 access to shared working Space
  • Participate in Workshops  
  • Compete for $30K in Cash Prizes 

Application Deadline: May 16th @ Midnight


Click here for more info/apply



Sandbox Summit 2013:

Re-Imagining Cities Through Entrepreneurship


Keynote Speaker: 

Robin Chase, 

Founder & Former CEO - Zipcar

Mark your calendars for the biggest conference of the year! The Sandbox Summit will feature:

  • Panel Discussions
  • Entrepreneur Showcase
  • Winners Showdown Pitch Contest

More details coming soon!



Partner Events



Groundwork Lawrence

"Earth Day 2013"

Saturday, April 27

Click here for more info!



Mass Innovation Nights

"MIN500 Special Event

Tuesday, May 7

Click here for more info!



Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center

"Networking to Grow"

Wednesday, May 8

Click here for more info!





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Website Marketability by John Wolforth of Fix Your Website Now

Website Marketability

by John Wolforth of Fix Your Website NOW



As of January 2013, there were an estimated 726 million websites on the internet, comprising more than 11.27 billion pages. That’s a lot of reading, shopping, or just surfing. Although these websites and pages exist for different reasons, they all have one objective in mind: marketability.


Marketability is not exclusively defined as selling goods or services; it means providing information, promoting a cause, espousing opinion or sadly, synthesizing conjecture and irrationality into fact. For our purposes, let’s focus on website marketability for goods or services.


Marketability is obtained through three types of criteria: Personality, credibility and accessibility.


1) Personality - Your business should not be taken personally, but it should have personality. This is accomplished by utilizing an accurate style of design as well as specific and relevant content:


• Design. A well designed website should convey what type of business or industry you’re in as soon as the visitor lands on it. Color, fonts, and structure all come into play, as well as types of features included. For example, trades or creative services use many vibrant images with before/after shots; attorneys or financial services are very clean, conservative and unlikely to contain ads.


• The man behind the curtain. Putting a face (or faces) to the name of a business often helps visitors feel more comfortable about you and consider what you offer more seriously. On your About Us/Our Team page, make sure to include headshots with each team member’s profile, as well as some personal details about them (outside interests, hobbies, etc.).


2) Credibility. Your website’s credibility is a powerful thing because it can do two things: a) Change visitors’ attitudes so they think positively about, or feel comfortable interacting with, the website; and b) Change visitors’ behaviors by getting them to complete a transaction, return to the site again, recommend the site to others, etc. Credibility can be achieved with a few simple features:


• Make it easy to contact you. Visible contact information tells a visitor that there’s a real person behind your business - you‘re legitimate and they can do business with you – especially if there’s a phone number combined with a physical address. Remember, although someone is visiting your website, it doesn’t mean that they’re comfortable communicating with you electronically. Many people do their research by looking at websites, but still prefer to pick up the phone and speak to someone when it comes time to make a transaction. If you hide your phone number or other basic contact information, you’re losing business.


• Have accurate content. Be specific and up-to-date with the products or services you offer, and make sure your About Us page clearly defines your and/or your team’s range of expertise. Offering something on your website that you no longer do can not only diminish your legitimacy, but disappoint prospects and send them somewhere else.


• Promote accomplishments. Strategic partnerships, awards, and accreditations should be listed clearly on your site, as well as any charitable organizations or community involvements you’re pursuing. These things enhance the profile of who you are and help strengthen your reputation. Visitors will often see these elements and form a better opinion of you or your business - and in some cases, identify with you.


3) Accessibility - Your site should should be easy to use - and useful. Websites that are difficult to find, have long names or confusing and obtrusive content will not keep visitors coming back, nor attract many new ones.


• URL. Your website address should be easy to remember, as short as possible and should include either your business name or a call to action.


• Optimization. Even if you’re not doing SEO on your site, basic optimization elements should still used. Page titles and descriptions, tagged images, submission to search engines and a presence on Google+ are simple tactics to implement and will help you be found -  provided you do them periodically.


• Precise navigation. Website content should be categorized and easy to find. Combine relevant content into submenus so the user spends less time finding what they want. Create introductions to the most important information and feature them on your homepage, with links to detailed breakdowns.


• No distractions. If you have ads or other promotional material that make your actual important content hard to find or read, it’s another turnoff for visitors. If you’re going to have ads, distance them from your content and don’t make them too big. And NEVER use pop-ups.


Website marketability breeds business profitability. If you consider these points when creating your website, you will be on your way.  

Northern Business Machines - Is Managed IT Services the Solution for your organization

Is Managed IT Services the solution for your organization?

Managed IT Services from NBM is a revolutionary approach to managing your IT  infrastructure.  It provides you with an insurance policy against the headaches,  interruptions, and costs that are usually associated with handling your IT needs.


Proactive vs. Reactive Support

We constantly monitor your network and resolve issues before they happen, as  opposed to only responding to network failures.

Faster response time

We see an issue before you know it exists, and we can fix it before it leads to a bigger issue.

No surprises

With one monthly all-inclusive payment, costs are not driven up by painfully long repair times.



We check the vitals of your network, evaluated your current infrastructure  and update security.


Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center monitors your network 24/7.


We customize a foolproof data recovery program.


Live technicians are always available for in-person visits or help desk support.

For more information please call Vern at 1-781-272-2034 ext 100

April with Mill City Grows

Growing in Lowell!  Bringing urban food production to the Mill City!

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Mill City Grows

Mill City Grows Next Event!

Join us on April 27th to build FOUR Community Gardens in Lowell! Check out our schedule of upcoming Gardener Training Program workshops HERE!

A Special Thank You!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our Annual Appeal Supporters! You helped us close our funding gap in 2012!  Thank you for growing with us!

Mill City Grows Wishlist!

-- Laminator
- Garden books and magazines
- Gardening Tools: rakes, shovels, hoes, hoses, etc.
- Hand Tools: trowels, etc.
- 5-10 Gal. Rubbermaid Bins, Buckets
- Drills, Hammers, Circular Saw
- Pruning Sheers, Loppers, Clippers, Scissors
- Lawn Mowers
- Weed Wackers
- Wheelbarrows
- Untreated Lumber
- Land (for growing!)
- Grant Writers
- Graphic Designers
- Videographers
If you are interested in donating any of these items please contact Lydia: [email protected]

April with Mill City Grows...

April is proving to be a very busy month! Our first Gardener Training Program workshop is on April 13th, we will be building our first school garden on April 20th as well as two new community gardens on April 27th!  There are many ways you can get involved with growing this year, checkout our newsletter and find out how!
Happy Spring!!
Francey & Lydia

Sowing the Seeds of Community!

Sowing the Seeds of Community!

Join us on April 27th to BUILD FOUR community gardens in Lowell!

WHEN: Saturday, April 27, 9am-12pm or 1-4pm with BBQ after!
WHO: EVERYONE is welcome!
WHAT: Please come help build FOUR Community Gardens in Lowell!!!!
WHERE: Five different sites, please sign-up for desired site.

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Volunteer with us!

We have many volunteer opportunities here at Mill City Grows some that keep you clean and some where you can get your hands in the dirt!  If you are interested in volunteering with us please check out our volunteer opportunities on our website.  Email Lydia- [email protected] for more information.

Urban Gardening 101

Join us  for Urban Gardening 101!  Saturday, April 13, 10am-12pm at Rotary Club Park Community Garden.  This workshop will teach you how to safely grow food in the city and will get you ready for a successful gardening season!  $10 for general public and Free for Mill City Grows Community Gardeners  Please register with Francey- [email protected]
We have a series of gardening workshops this summer, check them out here!

Scoring Seeds at the Seed Swap!

West Meadow Campus School Garden!

Mill City Grows has partnered up with the Wang and Pawtucketville Memorial Schools and the Pawtucketville Citizen's Council to install our first School Garden!  We are building the garden with the school community on April 20th from 9am-4pm!  We are looking for supply donations and helping hands!  For more information please email Francey- [email protected]

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