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Why #hashtags by Nathalie Hirte Willowfield Web Solutions

Why #Hashtag?

What is it and what does it do?

If you’ve been on social media, you’ve been exposed to hashtags.  When you read some posts, it’s almost impossible to figure out what people are saying because of all those #.  So why are people using these pound symbols?  What exactly is a hashtag anyway?

A hashtag is a word or phrase that become a tag when the pound symbol (#) precedes it. Social media users can search hashtags, like keywords, and find relevant messages and content.  But how can you use hashtags to help your business?  Here are three best practices that can be used across any social media site:

Use Relevant Hashtags.

If you post a picture of a product, make sure to include a relevant hashtag.  For example, if you are a realtor and post a picture of a new property on the market:  #newlisting, #nameoftown, etc are great hashtags.  Stay away from hashtags that don’t really speak to the message you’re trying to convey.  So what if the house is blue, there’s no need to use the hashtag #blue in your post.

Construct Hashtags Properly.

While it’s ok to create a hashtag phrase with more than one word, #trynottobeobnoxious. Try to construct hashtags that are one or two words only.  Not to mention, #please #do #not #hashtag #every #word #like #this.  Nobody is going to interact with you on social media if you hashtag “filler” words that aren’t descriptive.  You want the hashtags to emphasize your message.

Limit your Hashtags.

Don’t be a “hashtag offender”.  Don’t be one of those who add 10+ hashtags to every post on their social media channel.  Pick one or two hashtags that are relevant to what you are sharing.  Are you posting about a business to business networking event?   Adding hashtags like #networking or #b2b are appropriate, but there’s no need to add #makingnewfriends, #Manchester, #ilovemyjob or anything else.

If you’re still unsure about hashtags, get some practice before using them yourself.  Visit Facebook and click on a hashtag from a post in your New Feed.  Don’t see one? Use the search bar at the top of your Home page, type in #networking, and review what you see in the search results.  There are conversations happening on social media sites every day that you and your business should be a part of.  Hashtags enhance your content and have the power to open conversations with potential customers.  Isn’t #socialmedia great!

Nathalie Hirte

Willowfield Web Solutions

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How to use social media to grow your business

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Kevin Willett is pleased to announce that we will be conducting a free class on how to use social media to grow your business. The class will give you a understanding of how to use facebook, twitter and linkedin to connect with current and future clients. The class will be held on August 10th from 6 to 8pm at the Dracut Library. The class is limited to 30 people. Please email me at if you plan on attending.  I would like to thank Billy Macdonald Cofounder of Siphon Marketing for volunteering to conduct the class. Please check out his website at For more information on the Friends of Kevin please visit our website at